2016 Employee of the Year – Kerri Wright


Kerri Wright was recently recognized as the 2016 Employee of the Year for Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates.  Kerri has has been employed with MCA since July 2009.  Kerri had previously worked with MCA from 2001 through 2006 and returned to us in 2009.

Kerri works as the Triage Coordinator for the practice.  In her role she is responsible for communicating with area hospitals to receive and assign patient consults for our physicians along with various other job duties.

Kerri is and has been a very dedicated employee for MCA.  She is committed to quality and excellence, she is very helpful to everyone and has a very positive attitude.  Kerri is is always willing to accept additional responsibilities and she is a very valuable recource for other employees.

Kerri received special recognition as the Employee of the Year including additional vacation time and $500 in cash!!!

We are proud to have Kerri working with us at MCA!