Rehabilitation & Fitness Center


The MCA Rehabilitation & Fitness center opened in October 1996. Our facility was established to help MCA patients, Cardiac Rehabilitation graduates, and the general public improve their quality of life through supervised exercise programs. Our facility provides daily care and supervision to all participants. Qualified staff members are always on the fitness floor to provide blood pressure screenings, heart rate monitoring, exercise instruction, and regular assistance. The MCA fitness center provides a very comfortable environment for all participants.

Over the years, many MCA fitness center participants have seen dramatic improvements in their life through exercise. Some of theses improvements include dramatic changes in: weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol, strength, stamina, and general well-being. The same exercise component is seen in all members who experience success – that component is regular participation. We believe that exercise is medicine, and if you are interested in filling your prescription to improve the quality of your life – please contact us today.