What to Expect on Your Visit

Your first visit to our practice is usually the result of your Primary Care Physician determining that you are at risk of heart attack or stroke or it could be the result of a recent hospitalization.

Your first office visit to our practice will be with one of our Physicians. Subsequent visits to our practice you may see one of our Nurse Practitioners.

You are required to register or check-in on one of our Kiosk each time you visit. The information you enter in the Kiosk is automatically transferred to our Electronic Medical Record (EMR). You will be able to pay copays, deductibles and previous balances using the Kiosk, which should be paid prior to the visit.

When seeing a Cardiologist for the first time you when need to be prepared by having a complete personal health history and a health history of your family. You will need to have a complete list of the medications you are taking. If you have had any recent tests performed it will be important to have that information as well. It is important to keep a list of symptoms you have been experiencing. It is helpful if you would make a list of any questions to ask the Physician or Nurse Practitioner during the visit.

During subsequent visits to a Physician or Nurse Practitioner you will be asked to update your health history, medications and symptoms.

To learn more about your condition the Physician or Nurse Practitioner may schedule you for any number of non-invasive diagnostic tests. Non-invasive is defined as test(s) that do not require insertion of diagnostic tubes into the heart or arteries. Examples of these may include:

These test(s) described above are performed in our office. The results of these tests may be communicated with you via a letter, a phone call or if a new problem or diagnosis results from the test an appointment with the Physician or Nurse Practitioner may be necessary.